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daedric weapons 3d models

Skyrims Daedric WeaponsSkyrims Daedric Weapons
Author: jace1969
Source: prusaprinters
Skyrims Daedric Model / Armour Suit and WeaponsSkyrims Daedric Model / Armour Suit and Weapons
Author: jace1969
Source: prusaprinters
Skyrims Daedric Model / Armour Suit and WeaponsSkyrims Daedric Model / Armour Suit and Weapons
Author: jace1969
Source: thingiverse
Skyrims Daedric Weapons Skyrims Daedric Weapons
Author: jace1969
Source: thingiverse
daedric dagger ( 3d_printing_maniac ) - one piecedaedric dagger ( 3d_printing_maniac ) - one piece
Author: rarder44
Source: thingiverse
Daedric Dagger Low-poly 3D modelDaedric Dagger Low-poly 3D model
Author: simontgriffith
Source: cgtrader
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Daedric weapons, drawn from the rich lore of the Elder Scrolls series, embody the dark and mystical aesthetics that many gamers and enthusiasts admire. These iconic artifacts are not only sought after in the digital realm but have also found a place in the physical world through 3D printing, allowing fans to bring a piece of Tamriel into their homes.

3D Models of Daedric Weapons

The intricate designs of Daedric weapons make them a popular choice for 3D modeling and printing. Various platforms offer a range of models, from swords to bows, meticulously crafted to mirror their in-game counterparts. These models are available in different formats, catering to a wide array of 3D printers and software. The level of detail in these models is commendable, capturing the essence of Daedric craftsmanship with sharp angles, ornate embellishments, and the distinctive red and black color scheme.

3D Printing Daedric Weapons

3D printing Daedric weapons involves several considerations. Firstly, the choice of material can significantly impact the final outcome. PLA is a popular choice for its ease of use and detail fidelity. For larger weapons, printing in parts might be necessary, followed by assembly and post-processing. Sanding, painting, and applying a protective coat are crucial steps to achieve a finish that closely resembles the in-game appearance. It’s essential to pay attention to the weapon’s intricate details during the post-processing phase, as this can make or break the authenticity of the replica.

Tips for 3D Printing

  • Layer Height and Infill: Opt for a lower layer height to capture fine details, and adjust infill percentage based on the desired balance between strength and material usage.
  • Supports: Daedric weapons often feature overhangs and sharp angles. Proper support placement is key to achieving clean prints without compromising on detail.
  • Scaling: Consider the weapon’s size relative to your printer’s capabilities. Larger models may require scaling down or printing in sections and assembling later.


What material is best for printing Daedric weapons?

PLA is generally recommended for its detail resolution and ease of post-processing, making it ideal for intricate designs like Daedric weapons.

Can I print a full-sized Daedric sword on a standard 3D printer?

Most standard printers have a limited build volume, so printing a full-sized sword might require dividing the model into several parts and assembling them post-printing.

How do I achieve the metallic and aged look of Daedric weapons?

This can be accomplished through a combination of sanding, painting with metallic paints, and applying aging techniques such as dry brushing with darker shades to highlight textures and details.

Bringing Daedric weapons to life through 3D printing offers a tangible connection to the Elder Scrolls universe. The process, from selecting a model to the final touches of paint, is a journey of creativity and craftsmanship, much like the forging of these weapons in the lore of Tamriel itself.