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fan duct 3d models

3d printer fan duct3d printer fan duct
Author: toshikiren
Source: thingiverse
3d printer fan duct3d printer fan duct
Author: joeth
Source: thingiverse
Fan Duct Robo 3DFan Duct Robo 3D
Author: elingsanto
Source: pinshape
Reach 3D fan ductReach 3D fan duct
Author: jwass
Source: thingiverse
Tycoon 3D Printer Fan Duct Tycoon 3D Printer Fan Duct
Author: offici
Source: thingiverse
Simple 3d printer fan duct Simple 3d printer fan duct
Author: orionid
Source: thingiverse
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Fan ducts are critical components in 3D printing, primarily used to direct airflow to cool down the printed layers swiftly and efficiently. Their design significantly influences the quality of the print, with different models offering varied benefits.

Understanding Fan Ducts

Fan ducts in 3D printing are designed to optimize the cooling process. Effective cooling is crucial for achieving high-quality prints, as it prevents warping and ensures better layer adhesion. Various 3D models of fan ducts are available, each tailored to specific printer models and requirements.

Variety of Models

There’s a wide array of fan duct models available for different 3D printers. For example, on STLBase, you can find models like the Ender 3 S1 Pro Hot End Fan Duct V5 and Ender 3, 3 V2, 3 Pro, 3 Max Dual 40mm Axial Fan Hot End Duct. These models cater to specific printer needs, with some designed for dual fan systems and others for single fans.

Printing Your Fan Duct

When 3D printing a fan duct, it’s essential to consider the material. PLA is a common choice due to its ease of printing and sufficient heat resistance for this application. However, for environments with higher ambient temperatures, materials like PETG or ABS might be more suitable due to their higher heat resistance.

Tip: Ensure your printer’s settings are optimized for the material you are using. For PLA, a lower bed temperature and cooling fan speed are generally recommended.


3D printing allows for customization of fan ducts to meet specific needs. For instance, if a particular model of printer has a known cooling inefficiency, a custom fan duct can be designed to address this issue.

3D Model Sources

STLBase is a notable source for a wide variety of fan duct models. The site offers a range of designs compatible with popular printer models like the Ender series, CR-10S, Alfawise, and more​​.


What Material Should I Use for Printing a Fan Duct?

PLA is often recommended for its ease of printing. For higher temperature environments, consider PETG or ABS.

Can I Customize a Fan Duct for My Specific Printer?

Absolutely! 3D printing allows you to tailor designs to suit your printer’s unique requirements.

Do I Need Special Settings for Printing Fan Duc