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shrek toothpaste cap 3d models

Shrek toothpaste capShrek toothpaste cap
Author: buzera
Source: thingiverse
Shrek toothpaste capShrek toothpaste cap
Author: rvstheawesom
Source: thingiverse
Shrek bottle capShrek bottle cap
Author: broseusdesign
Source: cults3d
SHREK toothpaste Poop copySHREK toothpaste Poop copy
Author: brockland
Source: thingiverse
Shrek pooping toothpaste topperShrek pooping toothpaste topper
Author: casualchicken3d
Source: cults3d
Shrek Toothpaste Topper PooperShrek Toothpaste Topper Pooper
Author: mochi5
Source: cults3d
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3D printing has revolutionized the way we create and customize everyday objects, and one niche but fascinating example of this is the creation of “Shrek toothpaste caps”. These unique 3D models, inspired by the popular animated character Shrek, offer a playful and creative way to accessorize your toothpaste tubes. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Shrek toothpaste cap 3D models, exploring available designs, printing tips, and answering some frequently asked questions.

3D Models and Designs

Shrek toothpaste cap 3D models come in various designs, fitting different toothpaste brands like Crest, Tom’s Of Maine, and Sensodyne. These models are not just limited to caps but also include toppers and dispensers, adding a fun twist to your daily routine. Some designs feature Shrek in various poses or actions, adding a comical element to the bathroom. Websites like Cults3D and Thingiverse offer a range of these models, some for free and others for sale. You’ll find models like the “Shrek Toothpaste Topper Pooper” or “Shrek toothpaste pooper – No supports, screw center”, which are designed with practicality and humor in mind​​​​​​.

How to 3D Print Shrek Toothpaste Caps

When it comes to 3D printing these models, there are a few tips and techniques to consider:

  1. Choose the Right Material: Most toothpaste caps are printed in PLA due to its ease of printing and non-toxic nature. However, for a more durable and water-resistant option, PETG can be a great alternative.
  2. Precision in Sizing: Ensure the cap fits your toothpaste tube. This might require adjusting the scale of the 3D model in your slicing software.
  3. Print Quality: A higher resolution print might be necessary for the threads of the cap to work correctly. A layer height of around 0.1mm to 0.2mm is usually sufficient.
  4. Post-Processing: After printing, you might need to clean the threads with a small file or sandpaper to ensure a smooth fit.
  5. Hygiene Considerations: Since these caps will be in contact with toothpaste, it’s essential to ensure that the material and the print are safe and hygienic. Regular cleaning is recommended.


Q: Can I customize the size of a Shrek toothpaste cap 3D model? A: Yes, most 3D modeling software allows you to scale the model to fit your specific toothpaste tube.

Q: Is it safe to use PLA for toothpaste caps? A: PLA is generally considered safe as it’s a biodegradable material made from natural resources. However, it’s not as resistant to high temperatures and moisture as other materials.

Q: Can I sell 3D printed Shrek toothpaste caps? A: This depends on the license of the specific model you’re using. Some models are marked as “not allowed for commercial use”, so it’s essential to respect the creator’s licensing terms​​.

Q: Are there any special settings I need to adjust in my 3D printer for these models? A: Apart from standard quality settings, you might need to ensure that your printer is well-calibrated for precise threading. Also, consider using supports if the model has overhangs.

In conclusion, Shrek toothpaste cap 3D models are a fun and creative application of 3D printing technology. They demonstrate how even the most mundane objects can be transformed into something enjoyable and personalized. Whether you’re a Shrek fan or just looking for a quirky bathroom accessory, these 3D models offer a unique way to bring a bit of humor into your daily routine.