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dr strange sling ring 3d models

Dr. Strange Sling RingDr. Strange Sling Ring
Author: chmorgan120
Source: pinshape
Dr. Strange Sling RingDr. Strange Sling Ring
Author: annoyingguest
Source: thingiverse
Dr Strange Sling RingDr Strange Sling Ring
Author: red3ddesign
Source: cults3d
Dr.Strange Sling RingDr.Strange Sling Ring
Author: tmb505
Source: thingiverse
Dr Strange Sling RingDr Strange Sling Ring
Author: leighjohnson1976
Source: thingiverse
Dr Strange Sling Ring orange peelerDr Strange Sling Ring orange peeler
Author: neophyl
Source: prusaprinters
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Diving into the world of 3D printing offers a unique opportunity to bring fantasy to life, and what better way to explore this than by creating your own Doctor Strange Sling Ring? This iconic piece, straight out of the Marvel Universe, is not just a symbol of mystical power but also a testament to the intricate designs that can be achieved through 3D printing.

Exploring Sling Ring 3D Models

The journey to 3D print a Sling Ring begins with finding the perfect model. Numerous designers have taken inspiration from the Doctor Strange movies to create detailed models that capture the essence of this magical artifact. For example, one model available on Thingiverse is designed to mimic the movie’s version, with attention to the double-finger ring’s intricate details​​. Another version on Creality Cloud showcases a design process that involved learning 3D modeling from scratch, ensuring the ring’s authenticity and fit​​.

Printing Your Sling Ring

When it comes to printing your Sling Ring, the choice of material can greatly affect the final outcome. Resin is often preferred for its ability to capture fine details, making it ideal for the intricate designs of the Sling Ring. However, materials like PLA or ABS can also be used, especially if you plan to post-process the print with sanding and painting.

The orientation of the print on the build plate is crucial. Printing with the ring’s face upward and supports for overhangs can ensure the best detail on the top, which is visible when worn. It’s also essential to consider the ring size; some models offer different sizes or adjustable designs to fit various finger sizes.

Tips for Successful Printing

  1. Layer Height: A smaller layer height can capture more details but will increase the print time. A balance between detail and efficiency is key.
  2. Infill and Wall Thickness: These should be adjusted based on the material used and the desired strength of the ring.
  3. Supports: Carefully place supports to preserve the ring’s details while ensuring they are easy to remove.
  4. Post-Processing: Sanding, priming, and painting can elevate the look of your Sling Ring, making it appear more like the movie prop.


  • Q: Can I resize the Sling Ring model to fit my fingers?
  • A: Yes, most 3D modeling software allows you to resize models. Just be sure to maintain the proportions to keep the design intact.
  • Q: What is the best material for 3D printing a Sling Ring?
  • A: Resin is recommended for its detail fidelity, but PLA or ABS are good alternatives for easier printing.
  • Q: Do I need special software to 3D print a Sling Ring?
  • A: You’ll need slicing software compatible with your 3D printer, like Cura or Simplify3D, to prepare the model for printing.
  • Q: How long does it take to 3D print a Sling Ring?
  • A: The time can vary based on the model’s complexity, print settings, and printer speed. It can range from a few hours to over a day.

Embracing the challenge of 3D printing a Doctor Strange Sling Ring not only allows you to hold a piece of the Marvel Universe but also expands your skills in 3D printing and model finishing. Whether you’re a seasoned maker or new to the 3D printing world, the journey from digital model to physical artifact is a rewarding experience, filled with learning and creativity.