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raptor hands 3d models

Raptor modelsRaptor models
Author: spr855
Source: thingiverse
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The Raptor Hand represents a significant advancement in the realm of 3D printed prosthetics, offering an affordable, accessible, and customizable solution for those in need. This marvel of collaborative design and open-source sharing has brought together the global community, from designers to volunteers, to contribute to a cause that transcends borders and impacts lives directly.

Understanding the Raptor Hand

At the heart of the Raptor Hand’s design is its simplicity and functionality. Crafted with the intent of ease in printing and assembly, this prosthetic hand integrates features like 3D printed snap pins and a modular tensioning system, ensuring that it can be assembled with minimal tools and expertise. The design is so straightforward that even children as young as seven have successfully assembled these hands, showcasing the design team’s success in making this version the easiest to assemble yet​​​​.

The Design Process and Community Involvement

The development of the Raptor Hand is a testament to the power of community and collaboration. Spearheaded by e-NABLE, a group of volunteers dedicated to creating 3D printed prosthetic hands and arms, the Raptor Hand was designed with inputs from top designers within the community. This collective effort aimed to produce a hand that was not only easier to fabricate and assemble but also to repair, making it a practical choice for recipients across the globe​​.

Printing and Assembling Your Own Raptor Hand

For those interested in 3D printing a Raptor Hand, the process is made accessible through open-source design files available on platforms like Thingiverse. With just a 1.5 m flexible elastic chord and basic tools like tweezers and scissors, you can assemble a hand that includes a palm, fingers, pins, and a gauntlet. The assembly process involves installing flexors and a tensioner to create a mechanism that allows the fingers to close when the wrist bends, providing functionality to the prosthetic​​​​.

Tips for Successful 3D Printing

  • Material Choice: Use durable materials that can withstand wear and tear, keeping in mind the functional requirements of a prosthetic hand.
  • Print Settings: Optimize your print settings for strength, particularly for parts like the fingers and palm, which experience more stress.
  • Assembly Care: Follow the assembly instructions carefully, paying special attention to the tensioning system to ensure the hand operates smoothly.


Q: Can anyone print and assemble a Raptor Hand? A: Yes, with access to a 3D printer and the open-source design files, anyone can print and assemble a Raptor Hand. It’s a project that has seen contributions from a wide range of individuals, from professionals to students​​.

Q: Are there any costs involved in printing a Raptor Hand? A: The cost of printing a Raptor Hand is minimal, mainly involving the materials used for printing. The design files are available for free, making it an affordable option compared to traditional prosthetics​​.

Q: Can the Raptor Hand be customized for different users? A: Yes, one of the advantages of 3D printing is the ability to customize the design to fit the specific needs and dimensions of the user, providing a more comfortable and functional prosthetic​​.

In conclusion, the Raptor Hand exemplifies the intersection of technology, community, and compassion. Through the collaborative efforts of designers, volunteers, and the global community, it provides a tangible solution that empowers individuals and showcases the potential of 3D printing to make a real difference in the world.