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3d print star wars 3d models

Star Wars Vibro Axe Assembly Models 3D print modelStar Wars Vibro Axe Assembly Models 3D print model
Author: juliandanz
Source: cgtrader
Author: leonecastro
Source: cults3d
Star Wars -  Death Star 3D print modelStar Wars - Death Star 3D print model
Author: 3designeurop
Source: cgtrader
Star Wars Yoda Bust 3D print modelStar Wars Yoda Bust 3D print model
Author: beachmow
Source: cgtrader
Boushh from Star Wars 3D print modelBoushh from Star Wars 3D print model
Author: necrosst
Source: cgtrader
Star Wars ukiyo-e 3d printStar Wars ukiyo-e 3d print
Author: gldndragon77
Source: thingiverse
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The world of 3D printing offers an exciting avenue for Star Wars enthusiasts to bring their favorite characters and vehicles from the iconic franchise to life. Whether you’re a seasoned 3D printing veteran or just starting out, the vast array of available Star Wars 3D models can cater to your needs.

Discovering Star Wars 3D Models

Variety and Accessibility

The diversity in Star Wars 3D models is immense, ranging from detailed character sculptures to functional items imbued with the essence of the Star Wars universe. Websites like CGTrader and Thingiverse provide a plethora of options, including popular characters like Darth Vader and Grogu (Baby Yoda), as well as iconic ships and props. These models are available in various file formats like STL, OBJ, and more, ensuring compatibility with different types of 3D printers, including FDM, SLA, and SLS​​​​.

Notable Examples

  • Motorized AT-AT: A standout model is the motorized AT-AT from “The Empire Strikes Back,” available on Thingiverse. This project is not just a static model; it’s designed to be fitted with a motor, allowing it to move autonomously. However, it’s a large-scale project, requiring a printer capable of handling its size and the assembly of 69 individual parts​​.
  • Practical Prints: There are also practical prints like bookmarks, doorstops, and even a Darth Vader toothpaste topper, which add a touch of Star Wars to everyday life. These models are generally simpler and require less material, making them great for beginners​​.
  • Cosplay Items: For cosplay enthusiasts, 3D printed items like the Mandalorian helmet, Han Solo’s blaster, and Stormtrooper helmets offer the chance to create authentic and personalized costumes. These models range in complexity and size, providing options for various skill levels​​.

Tips for Printing Star Wars 3D Models

Choosing the Right Model

When selecting a model, consider your printer’s capabilities and the model’s complexity. Larger, more intricate models require bigger print beds and more advanced printing techniques.

Preparing for Printing

  • Slicing: Proper slicing is crucial. Use slicing software to adjust the model’s orientation and supports for optimal printing.
  • Material Selection: The choice of filament (for FDM printers) or resin (for SLA printers) can impact the final look and durability of the print. PLA and ABS are popular for their ease of use and strength, respectively.


After printing, cleaning up the model through sanding, painting, and assembling (if necessary) is key to achieving a polished finish. For multi-part models like the motorized AT-AT, careful assembly is crucial for functionality​​.

Q&A on 3D Printing Star Wars Models

Most Common Questions

  • Can I print any Star Wars model on any 3D printer? Most models are printer-agnostic, but always check the model’s requirements and compare them with your printer’s capabilities.
  • Do I need special software to prepare Star Wars 3D models for printing? Yes, you will need slicing software to convert the model into a format your printer can understand. Software like Cura or Simplify3D is commonly used.
  • Can I sell prints of Star Wars models? This depends on the copyright and licensing of the specific model. Many are available for personal use only.

By exploring the vast universe of Star Wars 3D models and applying these tips, you can embark on an exciting journey of bringing a piece of this beloved franchise into the real world. Whether it’s for display, practical use, or cosplay, the possibilities are as boundless as the Star Wars galaxy itself.