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fnaf mask 3d models

fnaf bonnie upper mask 3D modelfnaf bonnie upper mask 3D model
Author: shafian
Source: cgtrader
FNAF Marionette Mask FNAF Marionette Mask
Author: djdrewgam
Source: thingiverse
Vanny Mask (FNAF VR)Vanny Mask (FNAF VR)
Author: xmasbad
Source: thingiverse
FNAF Freddy's MaskFNAF Freddy's Mask
Author: lok
Source: cults3d
FNAF marionette maskFNAF marionette mask
Author: saintmythi
Source: thingiverse
Ennard Mask - 3D Printer Friendly Remix - FNAF Five NightsEnnard Mask - 3D Printer Friendly Remix - FNAF Five Nights
Author: flarf
Source: thingiverse
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Venturing into the world of 3D printing, especially when it comes to creating masks from the popular game series “Five Nights at Freddy’s” (FNAF), opens up a realm of creativity and technical prowess. The series, known for its eerie and captivating characters, has inspired a wide array of 3D models, including masks of the iconic animatronics.

Exploring FNAF 3D Models

The internet is bustling with 3D models from the FNAF universe. Websites like STLFinder and Thingiverse offer a plethora of designs, ranging from the terrifying visages of Freddy, Chica, and Foxy, to the more obscure characters from the series. These platforms provide both free and purchasable models, catering to a wide audience of enthusiasts and cosplayers.

Sketchfab stands out as a hub for high-quality 3D models, where artists showcase their work, ready to view, buy, or download. Here, you can find intricately designed models that capture the essence of FNAF characters, from their haunting expressions to the intricate details of their mechanical parts​​​​​​.

3D Printing FNAF Masks

When it comes to 3D printing FNAF masks, the process involves several key steps, each crucial for achieving a high-quality final product. The journey begins with selecting the right model. It’s essential to choose a model that not only looks good but is also optimized for 3D printing. This means paying attention to details like overhangs, supports, and the overall complexity of the model.

Preparation and Printing

Once you’ve selected your model, the next step is slicing it using software like Cura or Simplify3D. This software converts the 3D model into instructions that your 3D printer can understand. Here, you’ll adjust settings such as layer height, infill, and support structures, which are pivotal for the mask’s structural integrity and surface finish.

The choice of material also plays a significant role in the final outcome. PLA is widely used due to its ease of printing and post-processing capabilities. However, for masks that require more durability or flexibility, materials like ABS or TPU might be more suitable.


Post-processing is where your printed mask truly comes to life. This stage involves sanding to smooth out layer lines, applying primers to prepare the surface for painting, and then painting to match the iconic colors of FNAF characters. For those looking to add a more realistic touch, techniques like weathering can add age and a sense of wear to the masks, making them appear as though they’ve come straight out of the game.

Q&A on FNAF 3D Printed Masks

Q: Can I print a full-size FNAF mask on any 3D printer? A: Most consumer-grade 3D printers have a limited build volume, which might require you to print the mask in parts and then assemble them.

Q: What’s the best paint to use for my FNAF mask? A: Acrylic paints are generally recommended for their wide color range and ease of use. For a professional finish, airbrushing can provide a smoother, more even coat.

Q: How can I make the eyes of the mask look realistic? A: Using transparent materials for the eyes and backing them with LED lights can create an eerie, glowing effect similar to the animatronics in the game.

Q: Is it necessary to use supports when printing a FNAF mask? A: Yes, most masks will require supports to deal with overhangs and undercuts, especially around complex areas like the jaw and eye sockets.

Q: Can I modify a 3D model to better fit my face? A: Absolutely. Most 3D modeling software allows you to scale and adjust models. It’s advisable to measure your head and compare it to the model dimensions to ensure a comfortable fit.

The world of 3D printing FNAF masks is a perfect blend of art and technology, allowing fans to bring part of their favorite game into the real world. With the right tools, patience, and a bit of creativity, anyone can create their own FNAF mask, adding a personal touch to their cosplay or collection​​.