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deep fried laugh emoji 3d models

deep fried laugh cry emojideep fried laugh cry emoji
Author: degorychev
Source: thingiverse
Laugh Face Emoji Low-poly 3D modelLaugh Face Emoji Low-poly 3D model
Author: monstersvisu
Source: cgtrader
Emoji Laugh Out Loud  Low-poly  3D modelEmoji Laugh Out Loud Low-poly 3D model
Author: win
Source: cgtrader
Laugh Cry EmojiLaugh Cry Emoji
Author: djmontroni
Source: thingiverse
Laugh Tear Emoji Cookie CutterLaugh Tear Emoji Cookie Cutter
Author: lover
Source: thingiverse
Deep Fried Dragonfly | MentalUntilDawnDeep Fried Dragonfly | MentalUntilDawn
Author: mentaluntildawn
Source: sketchfab
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The world of 3D printing is vast and ever-expanding, with designers and hobbyists constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation. Among the myriad of objects being brought to life through 3D printing, one particularly intriguing category is the creation of emoji models, especially those that have been humorously modified or ‘deep fried’ to express exaggerated emotions or states. In this article, we’ll delve into the fascinating realm of 3D printing deep fried laugh emoji models, offering insights, tips, and answering some frequently asked questions on the subject.

Understanding Deep Fried Laugh Emoji 3D Models

Deep fried emojis are a digital art form where emojis are edited to look as if they’ve been through a deep frying process, often resulting in a humorous and distorted image. Translating this concept into 3D models adds a layer of physicality to the humor, allowing these emojis to be used as decorative items, gifts, or even educational tools to demonstrate 3D printing capabilities.

One notable example found on Thingiverse is the “deep fried laugh cry emoji” by degorychev, which embodies the essence of bringing digital humor into the tangible world​​. Additionally, STLFinder offers a range of deep fried cry laugh emoji 3D models, showcasing the variety and creativity within the community​​. Another creative interpretation is the “DeepFried_LaughCry_Emoji_With_Legs” by Thomas723, adding a whimsical twist by incorporating legs into the design​​.

Tips for 3D Printing Emoji Models

When it comes to 3D printing these unique models, here are some tips to ensure success:

  • Material Choice: Depending on the desired finish and durability, you can choose between PLA for easier printing or ABS for a more durable outcome. Consider using flexible filaments if you want your emoji to have a bit of give.
  • Resolution and Infill: A higher resolution will capture more detail, especially in the facial expressions of the emoji, but will increase printing time. An infill of 20% is typically sufficient for decorative items, but you may opt for a higher infill for structural integrity.
  • Supports and Bed Adhesion: Some models, especially those with overhangs or intricate details like the legs in the “DeepFried_LaughCry_Emoji_With_Legs,” may require supports. Additionally, ensuring good bed adhesion will prevent warping, particularly for larger prints.
  • Post-Processing: After printing, you may need to remove supports and sand the model for a smoother finish. Painting or varnishing can add durability and vibrancy to the final product.


What filament colors are recommended for printing deep fried laugh emojis?

While traditional yellow is a popular choice for emojis, deep fried versions might benefit from a gradient of yellows, browns, and oranges to mimic the ‘fried’ effect. Experimenting with color-changing filaments could also add an interesting dimension to your prints.

Can I modify the design of an existing emoji 3D model?

Absolutely! Most 3D modeling software allows you to tweak and customize models. You can add elements like the legs in the “DeepFried_LaughCry_Emoji_With_Legs” or adjust expressions to suit your preferences. Just be sure to respect the original creator’s license agreements.

How can I prevent my emoji model from toppling over?

If your model is top-heavy or has an uneven base, consider adding a small, flat base in your 3D modeling software to improve stability. Adjusting the center of gravity by modifying the design or adding weight to the base can also help.

Is it possible to print a multi-colored deep fried laugh emoji?

Yes, if you have a multi-material or multi-color 3D printer. Alternatively, you can print different parts of the emoji in separate colors and assemble them post-printing, or paint the details by hand for a similar effect.

Embarking on the journey of 3D printing deep fried laugh emoji models opens up a world of creativity and experimentation. Whether you’re a seasoned 3D printing enthusiast or a curious newcomer, the process offers a unique blend of technical challenge and artistic expression. Remember, the key to successful 3D printing lies in patience, practice, and a willingness to learn from each print. Happy printing!