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3d printed chess pieces 3d models

Chess pieces 3D modelChess pieces 3D model
Author: eyouain
Source: cgtrader
3D-2D chess pieces3D-2D chess pieces
Author: loricgard
Source: thingiverse
Chess  pieces 3D modelChess pieces 3D model
Author: kutunf
Source: cgtrader
Chess Pieces 3D modelChess Pieces 3D model
Author: gddon
Source: cgtrader
Chess Pieces 3D modelChess Pieces 3D model
Author: skiltron
Source: cgtrader
3D Printable Chess Pieces 3D Printable Chess Pieces
Author: sivakaman
Source: thingiverse
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3D printing has revolutionized many aspects of manufacturing and creativity, and one particularly delightful application is the creation of 3D printed chess pieces. This article explores the fascinating world of 3D printed chess sets, offering insights, tips, and ideas to enthusiasts and makers alike.

Exploring 3D Printed Chess Sets

Chess, a game with centuries of history, has always been associated with beautifully crafted pieces. With 3D printing, the customization and creativity possibilities are endless. Designers have created a wide array of chess sets, from practical and portable designs to sets inspired by popular culture.

Roll-Up Chess Set

One ingenious design is a roll-up chess set. This set is 3D printed in a way that allows it to be rolled into a cylinder for easy transportation. Magnets are used to keep the pieces in place and the board secure when rolled up. It’s a perfect blend of traditional game and modern convenience​​.

Themed Chess Sets

Themed chess sets are hugely popular in the 3D printing community. For instance, Star Wars themed chess sets feature characters like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker as pieces, providing a unique twist to the classic game. These sets are often created by hobbyists and can be customized or improved upon​​.

Architectural Chess Sets

Another fascinating example is the sets designed by 3DPrintBunny. These sets feature pieces modeled after famous buildings like the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building. They also include storage and display boxes, making them not just playable chess sets but also decorative items​​.

Large-Scale Chess Sets

For those who prefer something more substantial, large-scale chess sets with a 60mm base are available. These oversized pieces add a dramatic flair to the game and can also be used for checkers. However, due to their size, some assembly and gluing might be required post-printing​​.

3D Printing Techniques for Chess Pieces

When it comes to creating these chess sets, there are several methods and technologies available.

3D Scanning for Chess Sets

3D scanning is an easy way to create detailed models of chess pieces. This method involves digitizing a physical object to create a 3D model. Technologies used in 3D scanning vary, with some capturing only geometric data and others also capturing color​​.


This is a common and accessible form of 3D scanning. It uses photos of the object taken from various angles to reconstruct a 3D model. It’s suitable for medium-sized objects and can capture color, but may not work well for smaller objects with intricate details​​.

Structured Light Scanners and Laser Scanning

These methods project light patterns or laser dots onto the object’s surface, measuring the light scatter or distance to create a 3D model. These scanners can produce highly detailed models but are generally more expensive​​.

Tips for 3D Printing Chess Pieces

When printing chess pieces, consider the following tips:

  • Avoid Overly Detailed Objects: Fine details might be lost due to the small size of chess pieces​​.
  • Manage Overhangs: Use support materials for overhanging features, or design pieces to minimize overhangs​​.
  • Pose Stability: If scanning individuals for custom pieces, ensure they can maintain the pose during scanning​​.
  • Refine Scanned Models: Use software like Meshmixer to clean up and refine the models before printing​​.

Q&A on 3D Printed Chess Sets

Q: Can I 3D print a chess set at home? A: Yes, with a 3D printer and access to models (which can be downloaded from sites like Thingiverse), you can print your own chess set at home.

Q: What materials are used for 3D printing chess pieces? A: Common materials include PLA, ABS, and resin. The choice of material affects the finish and durability of the pieces.

Q: How long does it take to 3D print a chess set? A: The printing time can vary widely based on the printer, the size of the pieces, and the level of detail.

Q: Can I customize my 3D printed chess set? A: Absolutely! One of the biggest advantages of 3D printing is the ability to customize designs, whether it’s changing the size, style, or adding personal touches.

Q: Is 3D printed chess set durable? A: Yes, especially when printed with durable materials like ABS or resin, these chess sets can be quite sturdy.

In conclusion, 3D printed chess sets open up a world of creativity and personalization. Whether you’re a seasoned 3D printing enthusiast or a curious beginner, the possibilities are as boundless as