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15th colossus 3d models

Shadow of the Colossus - 15th Colossus ArgusShadow of the Colossus - 15th Colossus Argus
Author: timid
Source: thingiverse
Colossus 3D print modelColossus 3D print model
Author: zaid97
Source: cults3d
Author: world
Source: myminifactory
Early 15th Century English armor 3D modelEarly 15th Century English armor 3D model
Author: moonyst
Source: cgtrader
Early 15th Century English armor 3D modelEarly 15th Century English armor 3D model
Author: moonyst
Source: cgtrader
Colossus Of Rhodes 3D modelColossus Of Rhodes 3D model
Author: aramar
Source: cgtrader
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In the realm of 3D printing, the creation of models from the iconic game “Shadow of the Colossus” has become a popular endeavor, particularly for the 15th colossus. This article explores the various aspects of finding and printing these models, offering insights and tips for enthusiasts and hobbyists alike.

Exploring 3D Models of the 15th Colossus

The 15th colossus from “Shadow of the Colossus” presents a unique challenge for 3D printing due to its intricate design and grandeur. Various platforms offer downloadable 3D models of this colossus, each providing a different level of detail and complexity. Sites like Thingiverse and Printables showcase models such as the 15th colossus, along with other colossi from the game. These models range from simple representations to complex, multi-part designs that can be assembled post-printing.

Tips for 3D Printing the Colossus Models

Choosing the Right Model

Selecting the appropriate model is crucial. Beginners might opt for simpler models with fewer parts, while experienced printers can challenge themselves with more complex designs.

Material Selection

The choice of material also plays a significant role. PLA is a good starting point due to its ease of use and low warping. For more durability, ABS or PETG can be considered.

Printer Settings

Optimal printer settings are key. A higher layer resolution captures more detail but increases print time. Also, adequate supports are essential for overhanging parts to prevent sagging or deformation.


Post-print processing can include sanding, painting, or assembling multiple parts. This step is vital for achieving a realistic and detailed finish on the model.

Q&A on 3D Printing the Colossus Models

Q: What is the best material for printing the 15th colossus? A: PLA is recommended for beginners due to its ease of use, while ABS or PETG can be used for more durability.

Q: Can these models be scaled? A: Yes, most 3D models can be scaled up or down, but keep in mind that scaling down too much might lose some details.

Q: How long does it take to print a model of the 15th colossus? A: The printing time can vary greatly depending on the size and complexity of the model, as well as the printer’s settings.

Q: Are there any specific challenges in printing these models? A: Challenges can include printing fine details, managing overhangs without supports, and assembling multiple parts for larger models.

In conclusion, 3D printing models of the 15th colossus from “Shadow of the Colossus” is a rewarding project that combines technical skill with artistic expression. Whether you are a seasoned 3D printing enthusiast or a beginner, these models offer a fantastic opportunity to bring a piece of the iconic game into the physical world​​​​.