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crash bandicoot logo 3d models

the crash bandicoot logothe crash bandicoot logo
Author: toajack18
Source: thingiverse
crash bandicoot 3D modelcrash bandicoot 3D model
Author: h3ydari96
Source: cgtrader
Crash Bandicoot 3D modelCrash Bandicoot 3D model
Author: vfx
Source: cgtrader
Crash Bandicoot 3D modelCrash Bandicoot 3D model
Author: michmach
Source: cgtrader
Crash BandicootCrash Bandicoot
Author: yb
Source: thingiverse
Crash bandicootCrash bandicoot
Author: ziovbc
Source: thingiverse
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Diving into the world of 3D printing, especially when it’s about iconic video game symbols like the Crash Bandicoot logo, opens up a fascinating blend of technology, nostalgia, and creativity. The vibrant and whimsical world of Crash Bandicoot, a series renowned for its engaging gameplay and memorable characters, provides ample inspiration for 3D designers and printers looking to bring a piece of this digital universe into the physical realm.

Exploring Crash Bandicoot Logo 3D Models

The Crash Bandicoot logo, with its distinctive design and vibrant colors, is a popular choice for fans wanting to create tangible items from their favorite video game. Various platforms offer 3D models of the Crash Bandicoot logo, ready for printing. These models range from simple logo designs to more intricate versions that might include characters or elements associated with the game. Sites like Cults3D and Thingiverse are treasure troves for such designs, offering both free and for-sale models catering to different levels of complexity and design preferences.

When choosing a model, consider the level of detail and the size you aim for the final print. Some models are specifically designed to be printer-friendly, requiring minimal supports and post-processing, while others might challenge your skills with intricate details and color changes.

3D Printing Crash Bandicoot Logos

Choosing the Right Material

For most hobbyists, PLA is the go-to material due to its ease of use and good detail resolution. It’s also more forgiving in terms of printing conditions. However, if you’re aiming for a more durable or detailed finish, materials like ABS or PETG might be more suitable, though they come with their own set of printing challenges.

Printing Settings

The key to a successful print lies in optimizing your printer settings:

  • Layer Height: A lower layer height, around 0.1mm to 0.2mm, can capture more detail, crucial for intricate logo designs.
  • Infill: Depending on the model’s requirements and your desired strength, an infill of 20% to 40% is generally sufficient.
  • Supports: Some models, especially those with overhangs, will require supports. Placement and density of supports can significantly affect the ease of post-processing and the quality of the final print.


After printing, you might need to do some cleanup, especially if supports were used. Gentle sanding can remove any blemishes, and a coat of primer can prepare the surface for painting, should you wish to manually add colors to your logo.


Can I print the Crash Bandicoot logo in multiple colors?

Yes, multi-color printing is possible with single-extruder printers using filament change techniques (like the M600 command) or with multi-extruder setups. The choice depends on your printer’s capabilities and the complexity of the model.

How can I ensure my print doesn’t warp or detach from the bed?

Bed adhesion is critical, especially for larger prints. Using a heated bed, applying adhesives like glue stick or hairspray, and ensuring the first layer is perfectly dialed in are key steps to prevent warping or detachment.

Is it legal to print and sell Crash Bandicoot logos?

While printing for personal use is generally acceptable, selling copyrighted designs like the Crash Bandicoot logo can infringe on intellectual property rights. Always check the copyright status and the model’s license before selling any prints.

In summary, 3D printing the Crash Bandicoot logo offers a fun and engaging project for fans and 3D printing enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re new to the hobby or an experienced printer, the process from selecting the right model to the final print can be incredibly rewarding. Remember, the key to a successful print lies in careful planning, optimal printer settings, and a bit of post-processing work to bring your favorite marsupial’s emblem to life.