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that gun fallout new vegas 3d models

Fallout New Vegas That GunFallout New Vegas That Gun
Author: uwcrutch
Source: thingiverse
Fallout New Vegas "That Gun"Fallout New Vegas "That Gun"
Author: earth138
Source: thingiverse
Fallout New Vegas "That Gun" LED compatibleFallout New Vegas "That Gun" LED compatible
Author: earth138
Source: thingiverse
That Gun From Fallout New VegasThat Gun From Fallout New Vegas
Author: theapropalyps
Source: thingiverse
That Gun Fallout New VegasThat Gun Fallout New Vegas
Author: masterofmic
Source: thingiverse
Fallout New Vegas Pulse GunFallout New Vegas Pulse Gun
Author: uwcrutch
Source: thingiverse
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3D printing has revolutionized the way we create and replicate objects, and one fascinating application of this technology is in the realm of video game replicas. A prime example is the creation of 3D models of “That Gun” from the popular video game “Fallout: New Vegas.” This article delves into the intricate process of 3D printing these models, providing insights and tips for enthusiasts looking to bring a piece of the game world into reality.

Understanding the Model

The “That Gun” model is a fan-favorite due to its unique design and iconic status in the game. It has been recreated by various 3D artists and is available on several platforms. One such model, crafted by Hoorkie, can be found on Sketchfab. This model is a detailed representation of the gun, showcasing 5.2k triangles and 2.8k vertices, indicative of its complexity and detailing​​.

Finding 3D Models

Several websites host 3D models of “That Gun” for printing. Yeggi, a popular search engine for 3D printable models, lists various versions of the gun, some even compatible with LED installations for enhanced realism​​. These models cater to a range of details and complexities, suitable for both beginners and advanced 3D printing enthusiasts.

Printing the Model

Before diving into printing, it’s crucial to understand the model’s requirements and your printer’s capabilities. The complexity of “That Gun” models varies, with some requiring a higher level of detail and precision. Ensure your printer’s resolution and material compatibility align with the model’s needs. PLA (Polylactic Acid) is a commonly used material for such models due to its ease of use and detail fidelity.

Preparation and Printing Tips

  1. Slicing the Model: Use slicing software to divide the model into manageable parts. This step is crucial for complex models like “That Gun” to ensure each piece prints accurately and fits together correctly.
  2. Support Structures: For overhanging parts and intricate details, adding support structures in your slicing software is essential. These supports can be removed after printing, but they play a vital role in maintaining the model’s integrity during the print.
  3. Post-Processing: After printing, some cleanup might be necessary. This includes sanding down rough edges and removing support structures. For an authentic look, consider painting and weathering the model to replicate the gun’s appearance in “Fallout: New Vegas.”

Safety Considerations

While 3D printing game replicas is an exciting hobby, it’s important to remember safety and legal considerations, especially when replicating weapons. Always adhere to local laws and regulations regarding the creation and display of replica firearms.


How do I ensure the pieces of the model fit together?

Precision in printing and careful post-processing are key. Make sure to follow the model’s instructions and use calipers to measure parts for accuracy.

Can I modify the model to add more details?

Yes, if you have 3D modeling skills, you can modify the model. However, respect the original creator’s license (e.g., Creative Commons Attribution for Hoorkie’s model on Sketchfab)​​.

What’s the best material for printing “That Gun”?

PLA is recommended for its ease of use and detail resolution, but you can also explore