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snow plow crocs 3d models

Snow Plow 3D modelSnow Plow 3D model
Author: vi
Source: cgtrader
3D printed Snow Plow3D printed Snow Plow
Author: doubekdesign
Source: cults3d
Fjaras snow plow 3D modelFjaras snow plow 3D model
Author: pixi
Source: cgtrader
Snow plowSnow plow
Author: magnickijj
Source: grabcad
Snow PlowSnow Plow
Author: 24ewhit
Source: thingiverse
Snow plowSnow plow
Author: mahir
Source: grabcad
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In the innovative world of 3D printing, the fusion of utility and personal style often leads to fascinating creations. Among these, the concept of snow plow crocs stands out for its unique blend of practicality and personal expression. These 3D models transform ordinary Crocs into functional snow plows, ideal for clearing walkways with a touch of whimsy.

Design and Functionality

The designs for these snow plow attachments vary, but they typically feature a V-shaped plow that snaps into the front ventilation holes of Crocs. This ingenious design not only adds a novel functionality to the footwear but also allows for customization in terms of color and style. For instance, a popular model from showcases a snow V-plow that emphasizes peak performance and maximum style. The plows come with directional tabs for easy attachment and can be printed in vibrant colors or a two-tone design for added flair​​.

3D Printing Tips

When it comes to 3D printing these croc snow plows, certain models, like the Croc Pow Plow available on Thingiverse, highlight the ease of printing with no supports needed. This not only makes the printing process smoother but also accessible to those with basic 3D printing knowledge​​. To ensure a successful print, consider the following tips:

  • Material Selection: Choose durable materials that can withstand cold and moisture, such as ABS or PETG.
  • Printer Settings: Optimize your printer settings for the chosen material. For example, higher bed temperatures might be necessary for ABS to prevent warping.
  • Post-Processing: After printing, you may need to clean up the model by removing any strings or blobs. Additionally, waterproofing the plow with a suitable sealant can extend its lifespan.


What materials are best for printing snow plow crocs?

Durable materials like ABS or PETG are recommended due to their resilience against cold temperatures and moisture.

Do I need special 3D printer settings?

Yes, adjust your 3D printer settings based on the material used. For instance, ABS typically requires a heated bed to prevent warping.

Can these plows actually clear snow?

While snow plow crocs are functional for light snow, they are more suited for light-duty tasks and not for heavy snow removal.

Engaging with projects like snow plow crocs not only showcases the versatility of 3D printing but also brings a playful element to everyday chores. Whether for practical use or as a quirky winter accessory, these 3D models offer a unique way to personalize and enhance the functionality of a pair of Crocs.