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sly cooper logo 3d models

Sly Cooper LogoSly Cooper Logo
Author: printingforthefutur
Source: thingiverse
Sly Cooper LogoSly Cooper Logo
Author: islarc
Source: thingiverse
Sly: Sly cooper Logo / Belt BuckleSly: Sly cooper Logo / Belt Buckle
Author: rapidprint
Source: cults3d
Sly Cooper - 3D Print ModelSly Cooper - 3D Print Model
Author: huynhvuquan2k
Source: cults3d
Cane of Sly Cooper 3D modelCane of Sly Cooper 3D model
Author: dmitriykotlyar
Source: cgtrader
Cane of Sly Cooper 3d modelCane of Sly Cooper 3d model
Author: dmitriykotliar
Source: cgstudio
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Creating 3D models of the Sly Cooper logo can be an exciting project for fans of the game and enthusiasts of 3D printing alike. The iconic logo, known for its sleek and stylized design, represents the adventurous world of Sly Cooper, a charismatic and cunning raccoon thief.

Designing Sly Cooper 3D Models

When it comes to designing 3D models of the Sly Cooper logo, software like Fusion 360 is often utilized due to its robust features and user-friendly interface. Designers typically start with a reference image from the game to ensure accuracy and detail. These models can vary in complexity, from simple logos to intricate dioramas depicting scenes or characters like Sly Cooper himself in action. Some designers opt for creating functional pieces, such as belt buckles or cane heads, adding a tangible element to the fandom.

3D Printing Tips

For those looking to 3D print Sly Cooper logo models, it’s important to consider the size and detail of the model. Smaller models may require a higher resolution print to capture all the intricate details, while larger pieces might be printed in parts and assembled post-printing. Materials can range from standard PLA for basic models to more durable or flexible materials for functional items. Post-processing, including sanding, painting, and finishing, can bring out the details and make your model stand out.


Q: Can I find pre-designed Sly Cooper 3D models?
A: Yes, platforms like Thingiverse and Cults3D offer a variety of Sly Cooper-related 3D models, from logos to character figures and props.

Q: Is it difficult to 3D print a Sly Cooper logo?
A: The difficulty varies with the complexity of the design. Simple logos might be straightforward, while detailed dioramas or functional pieces like canes might require advanced printing skills and assembly.

Q: Can I customize the size of my 3D printed Sly Cooper logo?
A: Absolutely! Most 3D printing software allows you to scale the model to your desired size, though it’s important to consider the resolution and detail when scaling up or down.

Q: What material is best for 3D printing Sly Cooper models?
A: PLA is a great starting point for most models due to its ease of use. For items requiring more strength or flexibility, materials like ABS or TPU might be more appropriate.

Engaging with the Sly Cooper fandom through 3D printing offers a unique blend of nostalgia and creativity. Whether you’re crafting a small logo to display on your desk or an elaborate diorama for your collection, the world of Sly Cooper provides endless inspiration for 3D modeling and printing enthusiasts​​.