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skrillex logo 3d models

Skrillex 3D logoSkrillex 3D logo
Author: cochran
Source: grabcad
Skrillex LogoSkrillex Logo
Author: jacob
Source: grabcad
Skrillex LogoSkrillex Logo
Author: tmato
Source: thingiverse
SKRILLEX (Full Logo) PendantSKRILLEX (Full Logo) Pendant
Author: vengadesh
Source: myminifactory
SKRILLEX Pendant / Keychain Without Ring/ Remix of object/3d-print-skrillex-pendant-keychain-14907SKRILLEX Pendant / Keychain Without Ring/ Remix of object/3d-print-skrillex-pendant-keychain-14907
Author: prasad
Source: myminifactory
Author: chirimbolo
Source: thingiverse
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The Skrillex logo, synonymous with the electronic music genre, has not only captivated the ears of its listeners but also caught the eyes of 3D printing enthusiasts and designers. The distinctive design of this logo makes it a popular choice for 3D modeling and printing projects, allowing fans to bring a piece of the music icon into the physical world.

Exploring Skrillex Logo 3D Models

The internet is a treasure trove of Skrillex logo 3D models, with platforms like STLFinder showcasing a variety of designs ranging from keychains to pendants and even phone cases​​. These models cater to different tastes and purposes, whether it’s for personal use, as a gift, or simply for the love of collecting Skrillex memorabilia.

For those interested in more professional or intricate designs, websites like GrabCAD provide a platform where skilled designers share their high-quality 3D models of the Skrillex logo​​. Here, you can find models that may require more advanced 3D printing techniques due to their complexity and detail.

Thingiverse is another resource where the Skrillex logo comes to life in various forms. It’s a community-driven platform where makers and hobbyists share their creations, including the Skrillex logo, for others to print and enjoy​​.

3D Printing Skrillex Logo Models

When it comes to 3D printing a Skrillex logo model, there are a few tips and considerations that can help ensure a successful print:

  1. Model Selection: Choose a model that suits your 3D printer’s capabilities. Detailed models may require printers with higher resolution and precision.
  2. Material Choice: Depending on the model, you might opt for different materials. PLA is great for simple models, while ABS or PETG can be used for more durable items like keychains.
  3. Printing Settings: Adjust your printer settings according to the model’s complexity. Higher layer resolution can capture more detail but will increase printing time.
  4. Post-Processing: Some models might require sanding, painting, or assembly after printing. This can enhance the final appearance and bring out the details of the Skrillex logo.


Q: Can I customize the Skrillex logo 3D model before printing?
A: Yes, many 3D modeling software allow you to modify models. You can resize, add text, or combine the logo with other designs to personalize your print.

Q: Do I need supports for printing the Skrillex logo?
A: It depends on the model’s design. Some models are designed to be printed without supports, while others might require them to prevent printing issues.

Q: Where can I find Skrillex logo 3D models for free?
A: Websites like Thingiverse and some sections of STLFinder offer free downloads of Skrillex logo 3D models. Always check the license and usage rights before downloading.

This exploration into Skrillex logo 3D models showcases the fusion of music and technology, where fans can express their admiration through the art of 3D printing. Whether you’re a seasoned 3D printer or a newcomer to the hobby, the process of bringing a digital icon into the physical world is a rewarding experience that combines creativity, technology, and music culture.