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ikea fado lamp 3d models

IKEA FADO FADO Table lamp 3D modelIKEA FADO FADO Table lamp 3D model
Author: dimaserafym03
Source: cgtrader
IKEA Fado lamp standIKEA Fado lamp stand
Author: jay999
Source: thingiverse
IKEA Fado lamp shadeIKEA Fado lamp shade
Author: molgan
Source: thingiverse
moon bubble ikea lamp (fado)moon bubble ikea lamp (fado)
Author: calgon
Source: thingiverse
Death Star Ikea Fado LampDeath Star Ikea Fado Lamp
Author: print
Source: thingiverse
Design stand for Ikea fado lampDesign stand for Ikea fado lamp
Author: captainpicar3d
Source: thingiverse
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The IKEA Fado lamp, with its simple yet elegant design, has become a popular item not just for home lighting, but also as a canvas for creative 3D printing projects. Enthusiasts have transformed this iconic lamp into various designs, from celestial bodies to cinematic themes, by designing custom lamp shades that can be 3D printed and fitted onto the original Fado lamp base.

Creative Remixes of the IKEA Fado Lamp

One of the most intriguing adaptations is the Death Star Lamp, a clever remix that turns the IKEA Fado lamp into a miniature version of the infamous space station from the Star Wars saga. This design intricately replicates the Death Star’s surface details, including its trenches and superlaser focus lens, bringing a piece of the galaxy far, far away into your room. There are different versions of this design to fit the 17cm and 25cm Fado lamps, offering flexibility depending on which lamp size you have​​​​.

Another fascinating remix is the Moon Lamp, which converts the Fado lamp into a realistic miniature moon, complete with detailed lunar surface features. This design utilizes the spherical shape of the Fado lamp to mimic the moon’s appearance, making it an ideal night light or a decorative piece for space enthusiasts​​.

For those looking to mount their Fado lamp in a unique way, there’s a 3D model for a wall mount specifically designed for the Fado lamp. This mount allows you to secure the lamp to a wall, providing a floating effect that can add a modern touch to any room​​.

3D Printing Tips for IKEA Fado Lamp Models

When 3D printing these custom lamp shades or mounts for the IKEA Fado lamp, there are several tips to ensure a successful print:

  • Material Choice: Use translucent filaments for lamp shades to achieve a soft, diffused light. PLA is a common choice due to its ease of printing and good light-diffusing properties.
  • Print Settings: Opt for higher infill percentages for mounts to ensure strength and stability. For lamp shades, a lower infill can be used to allow light to pass through more effectively.
  • Layer Height: A finer layer height can capture more detail on the surface of your print, especially for intricate designs like the Death Star or Moon lamp shades.
  • Post-Processing: After printing, you may need to sand the surface of your print gently to remove any imperfections. For lamp shades, this also helps to diffuse light more evenly.


Q: Can I print these designs in any color?
A: Yes, but remember that the color of your filament will affect the color of the light emitted. White or light-colored filaments are best for a more neutral light.

Q: Are these designs compatible with any Fado lamp size?
A: Designs are often specific to the lamp size. Check the model details to ensure compatibility with your Fado lamp, whether it’s the 17cm or 25cm version.

Q: Do I need to modify my Fado lamp to fit these 3D printed shades?
A: Most designs are made to fit the original lamp without the need for modifications. They simply replace the glass shade.

Q: How can I ensure the 3D printed shade diffuses light effectively?
A: Choosing the right filament and print settings, like layer height and infill, is crucial. A semi-transparent PLA with a low infill percentage and fine layer height typically works well.

Q: Can these 3D printed designs be used with any light bulb?
A: It’s recommended to use LED bulbs, as they generate less heat, reducing the risk of warping or damaging the 3D printed shade.

Exploring the world of 3D printed adaptations for the IKEA Fado lamp opens up endless possibilities for customization and creativity. Whether you’re a Star Wars fan or a lover of celestial decor, these 3D models allow you to personalize your space in unique and imaginative ways.