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groverhaus 3d models

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Diving into the world of 3D printing and modeling, an intriguing example is the “Groverhaus.” This model is inspired by a notoriously ambitious DIY home renovation project undertaken by a Something Awful forum user named Grover. The project involved an extensive addition to Grover’s home, including new living spaces and a garage, all done without professional help. The endeavor became widely known online due to its unconventional design choices and execution, making it a subject of fascination and humor within online communities.

Understanding Groverhaus

The Groverhaus project began in 2006 when Grover decided to expand his house by an additional 2,000 square feet. This expansion was to include a variety of new rooms and functionalities, all constructed with a do-it-yourself approach. The project gained notoriety for its unconventional and often criticized architectural and construction choices, such as odd window placements, peculiar room dimensions, and the infamous use of “load-bearing drywall”​​​​.

Groverhaus 3D Models

The 3D model of Groverhaus encapsulates the unique and widely discussed features of the original DIY project. These models are available on platforms like Sketchfab, where enthusiasts can explore and download them. The Groverhaus 3D model offers a detailed view of the architectural peculiarities that made the original project so infamous. It includes elements like the distinctive staircases, the unconventional room layouts, and the peculiar exterior that characterized the real Groverhaus​​.

3D Printing Groverhaus Models

When it comes to 3D printing a model like Groverhaus, the process involves several considerations. Given the model’s unique architectural features, it’s crucial to focus on print stability, material choice, and detailing to capture the essence of Groverhaus accurately. Here are some tips for those interested in bringing this model to life through 3D printing:

  • Print Stability: Ensure your printer settings are optimized for the model’s intricate designs, particularly the unique structural elements.
  • Material Choice: Select materials that can accurately represent the textures and finishes of the original construction, adding to the model’s authenticity.
  • Detailing: Pay close attention to the model’s distinctive features, such as the unusual window placements and the specific room dimensions, to capture the true spirit of Groverhaus.


Q: What is Groverhaus? A: Groverhaus refers to a DIY home addition project by a Something Awful forum user, known for its unconventional design and execution.

Q: Can I 3D print the Groverhaus model? A: Yes, 3D models of Groverhaus are available for download, allowing enthusiasts to print and explore its unique architectural features.

Q: What should I consider when 3D printing Groverhaus? A: Focus on print stability, material choice, and detailing, especially given the model’s unique and intricate design elements.

Q: Where can I find Groverhaus 3D models? A: Platforms like Sketchfab host 3D models of Groverhaus, offering detailed views and download options for 3D printing enthusiasts​​.

The Groverhaus project and its 3D models serve as a fascinating case study in the DIY spirit and the power of online communities to share, critique, and immortalize such endeavors. Whether you’re interested in architecture, 3D modeling, or internet history, Groverhaus offers a unique lens through which to explore these themes.