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futurama roberto 3d models

Roberto FuturamaRoberto Futurama
Author: thcuser
Source: myminifactory
futurama robertofuturama roberto
Author: conorm125
Source: thingiverse
Roberto [Futurama]Roberto [Futurama]
Author: chaoscoretech
Source: cults3d
Roberto [Futurama]Roberto [Futurama]
Author: chaoscoretech
Source: cults3d
Roberto [Futurama]Roberto [Futurama]
Author: chaoscoretech
Source: pinshape
Futurama Roberto - Buildable ModelFuturama Roberto - Buildable Model
Author: mileyoriley
Source: thingiverse
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In the vibrant world of 3D printing, the realm of entertainment and pop culture offers endless inspiration for enthusiasts and hobbyists alike. Among the treasure trove of characters, Roberto from the beloved TV series “Futurama” stands out as a particularly intriguing subject for 3D modeling and printing. This article delves into the intricacies of creating 3D models of Roberto, offering insights and tips to bring this iconic character to life through the art of 3D printing.

Exploring Roberto 3D Models

Roberto, the slightly unhinged robot known for his penchant for bank robberies and erratic behavior in “Futurama,” has become a popular figure among 3D modelers and printers. Various platforms offer a range of Roberto 3D models, each capturing the character’s unique essence in different poses and levels of detail. From high-poly models designed for resin 3D printers to more simplified versions suitable for FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) printers, the choice of Roberto models caters to a wide array of preferences and printing capabilities​​​​.

Model Complexity and Printing Techniques

When selecting a Roberto model, it’s essential to consider the model’s complexity and the intended printing technique. High-detail models might require resin 3D printers, known for their precision and ability to capture intricate details, making them perfect for models like Roberto that may include finer features such as his expressive facial expressions or his signature knife​​.

On the other hand, models designed for FDM printers might be simpler but still offer a satisfying level of detail. These models often come with built-in supports or are segmented in a way that minimizes the need for additional support structures, making the printing process more straightforward and accessible, especially for beginners​​.

Customization and Finishing

One of the joys of 3D printing is the ability to customize the models. With software like Blender or Tinkercad, you can modify your Roberto model to add personal touches or adjust the model for easier printing. After printing, painting and finishing techniques can bring Roberto to life, adding color to his metallic frame and capturing the nuances of his character.

Challenges and Solutions

Printing characters like Roberto can come with its set of challenges, such as dealing with overhangs, ensuring structural stability, and achieving the right level of detail. Solutions include using support structures wisely, adjusting print settings like layer height and infill, and choosing the right material for the model. Post-processing methods like sanding, priming, and painting can also significantly enhance the final appearance of your Roberto model.


What is the best material for printing Roberto?

The choice of material largely depends on the printer and the desired finish. PLA is a popular choice for FDM printers due to its ease of use, while resin is preferred for high-detail models printed on SLA/DLP printers.

Can I print Roberto on a basic FDM printer?

Yes, many Roberto models are designed with FDM printing in mind. Look for models labeled as “easy print” or “no support” for a smoother printing experience​​.

How can I smooth the surface of my printed Roberto?

For FDM prints, sanding followed by an application of filler primer can smooth out layer lines. For resin prints, gentle sanding followed by a clear coat can help achieve a smooth finish.

Where can I find Roberto 3D models?

Models can be found on various platforms like Thingiverse, MyMiniFactory, and STLFinder, offering both free and paid options​​​​.

In the dynamic world of 3D printing, the character of Roberto from “Futurama” presents a delightful challenge that blends creativity, technical skill, and a touch of whimsy. Whether you’re a seasoned 3D printing enthusiast or a newcomer to the hobby, the journey of bringing Roberto to life offers a rewarding experience that showcases the endless possibilities of 3D printing technology.