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fallout nv that gun 3d models

"That Gun" From Fallout"That Gun" From Fallout
Author: reprop
Source: thingiverse
"That Gun" From Fallout"That Gun" From Fallout
Author: reprop
Source: prusaprinters
Fallout New Vegas That GunFallout New Vegas That Gun
Author: uwcrutch
Source: thingiverse
Fallout New Vegas "That Gun"Fallout New Vegas "That Gun"
Author: earth138
Source: thingiverse
Fallout New Vegas "That Gun" LED compatibleFallout New Vegas "That Gun" LED compatible
Author: earth138
Source: thingiverse
That Gun From Fallout New VegasThat Gun From Fallout New Vegas
Author: theapropalyps
Source: thingiverse
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3D printing has revolutionized the way we create and replicate objects, and this is especially true in the world of gaming replicas. One such example is the “That Gun” from Fallout: New Vegas, a popular video game. This article delves into the world of 3D models of “That Gun” and offers insights into how to 3D print these models, along with a Q&A section for the most frequently asked questions.

3D Models of “That Gun”

Several 3D models of the iconic “That Gun” from Fallout: New Vegas are available online. These models vary in detail and complexity, catering to different levels of 3D printing enthusiasts. Websites like Sketchfab offer a range of models, such as the detailed version by 3dindustries, featuring 5.5k triangles and 13.6k vertices, and the remodelled and retextured version by Hoorkie with 5.2k triangles and 2.8k vertices​​​​. These models showcase the intricate design of the gun, staying true to its video game counterpart.

How to 3D Print “That Gun”

Choosing the Right Model

  • Detail Level: Consider the level of detail in the model. Higher detail requires more precision in printing.
  • Printer Capability: Ensure your 3D printer can handle the complexity of the model.

Printing Process

  • Material Selection: Choose a suitable material like PLA or ABS for durability and ease of printing.
  • Slicing Software: Use slicing software to convert the model into printable layers. Adjust settings like layer height and infill according to the model’s requirements.


  • Assembly: Some models might require assembly post-printing.
  • Painting and Finishing: Sanding, priming, and painting will enhance the replica’s appearance, making it more game-accurate.

Q&A on 3D Printing “That Gun”

What is the best material for printing “That Gun”?

PLA is recommended for beginners due to its ease of use, while ABS offers more durability for experienced users.

Can I modify the 3D model before printing?

Yes, you can use software like Blender or Meshmixer to modify models, but ensure you respect the original creator’s license agreements.

How long does it take to print “That Gun”?

Printing time varies based on the model’s size and complexity and your printer’s settings. It can range from several hours to a couple of days.

Do I need supports for printing “That Gun”?

This depends on the model. Some parts may overhang and require supports to print correctly.

Can I sell prints of “That Gun”?

You need to check the licensing of the original 3D model. Some are marked under Creative Commons for personal use only.

In summary, printing “That Gun” from Fallout: New Vegas can be an enjoyable project for 3D printing enthusiasts. By choosing the right model, preparing your printer, and carefully post-processing, you can create a remarkable replica of this iconic game weapon. Remember to respect the licensing agreements and enjoy the process of bringing a piece of the gaming world into reality.