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armin titan form 3d models

Attack On Titan Armin Colossal Titan FormAttack On Titan Armin Colossal Titan Form
Author: adrianhebert2
Source: thingiverse
Armin's Colossal TitanArmin's Colossal Titan
Author: ilya92
Source: cults3d
Author: easalfa
Source: cults3d
Eren vs armin -attack no titan 3d model 3D modelEren vs armin -attack no titan 3d model 3D model
Author: boongthesculpt
Source: cgtrader
Armin Titan Colossal - Shingeki No KyojinArmin Titan Colossal - Shingeki No Kyojin
Author: studios3danim
Source: cults3d
Armin AttackOnTitian 3D modelArmin AttackOnTitian 3D model
Author: muzaba3
Source: cgtrader
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In the realm of 3D printing, the creation of models from popular anime series, such as “Attack on Titan,” has become a fascinating endeavor for enthusiasts and hobbyists. Among these, the Colossal Titan form of Armin Arlert stands out as a particularly popular and intriguing subject.

Understanding the Complexity of Armin’s Titan Form

Armin’s Titan form, known for its imposing stature and distinctive features like elongated arms, muscular legs, and a skeletal upper body, presents unique challenges for 3D modeling and printing. This model, which captures the somber and menacing appearance of the character, is typically created with detailed attention to its sunken eyes, exposed rib cage, and windpipe, adding to its overall dramatic effect.

Sourcing Armin Titan 3D Models

There is a variety of sources where you can find 3D models of Armin’s Titan form. Websites like Mito3D and CGTrader offer a range of models, showcasing different poses and details of this character​​​​. The prices for these models vary, with some available for as low as $1.31 and others priced around $20 or more, depending on the complexity and the design of the model​​​​.

3D Printing Tips for Armin’s Titan Form

Choosing the Right Material

When 3D printing models like Armin’s Titan form, the choice of material is crucial. For detailed models, resins are often preferred for their ability to capture intricate details. However, for larger, more robust models, materials like PLA can be more suitable.

Slicing and Printing

Before printing, the model needs to be properly sliced using 3D printing software. This process converts the model into layers and generates the necessary G-code for printing. Attention should be paid to the orientation of the model and support structures to ensure the best print quality, especially for complex parts like Armin’s skeletal features.


After printing, post-processing steps such as sanding, painting, and assembling (if the model is printed in parts) are essential to bring out the finer details and achieve a finished look that closely resembles the character.

Q&A on 3D Printing Armin’s Titan Form

Can I print Armin’s Titan form in one piece?

It depends on the model and the size of your 3D printer. Some models are designed to be printed in one piece, while others are segmented for easier printing and assembly.

What is the ideal scale for printing Armin’s Titan form?

The scale can be adjusted based on your preference and the capabilities of your 3D printer. A larger scale can capture more details but requires more material and printing time.

How long does it take to 3D print Armin’s Titan form?

The printing time varies depending on the size and complexity of the model, as well as the settings of your 3D printer. It can range from several hours to even days.

Is it necessary to use supports while printing?

Yes, especially for models with overhanging parts like Armin’s elongated arms or exposed rib cage, supports are crucial to ensure the structural integrity of the print.

Can I modify the 3D model of Armin’s Titan form?

You can modify the model if you have the skills and software for 3D modeling, but you should respect the original artist’s license, especially if the model is not for personal use.

3D printing Armin’s Titan form from “Attack on Titan” is not only a test of your 3D printing skills but also a way to bring a piece of this beloved anime series into the real world. Whether you are a fan of the series or a 3D printing enthusiast, the journey from digital model to physical form is a rewarding experience.