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adventure time finn sword 3d models

finn sword - adventure timefinn sword - adventure time
Author: amycantflynow
Source: thingiverse
Adventure Time Finn SwordAdventure Time Finn Sword
Author: reprop
Source: thingiverse
Finn Sword - Adventure TimeFinn Sword - Adventure Time
Author: atmegar
Source: thingiverse
Finn Sword - Adventure TimeFinn Sword - Adventure Time
Author: aguilarworkshop
Source: thingiverse
Finn Sword - Adventure TimeFinn Sword - Adventure Time
Author: workshop
Source: myminifactory
Finn Sword from Adventure Time!Finn Sword from Adventure Time!
Author: 3dcentralva
Source: thingiverse
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Diving into the world of 3D printing, the iconic Finn Sword from Adventure Time stands out as a popular project among enthusiasts. The sword, known for its unique design and association with the beloved character Finn, has become a sought-after model for 3D printing aficionados.

Exploring 3D Models

Numerous 3D models of Finn’s Sword are available online, showcasing the creativity and passion of the Adventure Time community. Platforms like Sketchfab offer detailed models of Finn’s various swords, providing fans with a range of options to choose from​​. Meanwhile, Thingiverse and Thangs are valuable resources for finding printable versions of the sword, tailored to different 3D printing preferences and capabilities​​​​.

3D Printing Tips and Tricks

When it comes to 3D printing Finn’s Sword, several factors come into play to ensure a successful print:

  • Layer Height: Optimal layer heights, such as 0.15mm, are recommended for a balance between print quality and time efficiency​​.
  • Wall Line Count: A wall line count of 2 can provide sufficient strength while conserving material​​.
  • Infill Percentage: An infill of around 15% is often enough to give the sword durability without making it overly dense​​.
  • Supports: Depending on the model’s complexity, supports may not be necessary, but using a raft can help with bed adhesion issues​​.
  • Assembly: Some models come in parts that need to be assembled post-printing. Super glue can be used to securely join these pieces​​.


Q: Can I print Finn’s Sword on a small 3D printer?
A: Yes, many models are designed to be printed in parts, allowing for assembly after printing. This makes it feasible to print large items like Finn’s Sword on smaller printers.

Q: What material should I use to print the sword?
A: PLA is a popular choice due to its ease of use and good detail resolution. However, the choice of material can vary based on personal preference and the desired finish of the sword.

Q: How can I ensure the sword is durable?
A: Using appropriate infill settings and wall thickness can significantly impact the durability of your print. For items like Finn’s Sword, a moderate infill and a good wall thickness ensure a balance between strength and material usage.

Q: Do I need special software to 3D print Finn’s Sword?
A: You will need slicing software to prepare your 3D model for printing. There are many free options available that are user-friendly for beginners.

In crafting a 3D printed replica of Finn’s Sword, enthusiasts not only pay homage to the adventurous spirit of Adventure Time but also engage in a creative challenge that blends art and technology. The process from digital model to physical object embodies the DIY ethos at the heart of both the maker and the Adventure Time communities.